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Part of a thorough septic system inspection in Southbury, CT involves the use of a dye test as explained below. Team Sewer and Water includes the dye testing as part of their certified septic tank and drain field inspections required by the Pomperaug Health District which covers the towns of Southbury, Woodbury, and Oxford, Connecticut.

Septic System Loading and Dye Tests often requested by certain lenders involve flushing a special dye down a toilet or other drain combined with a known quantity of water sufficient to put a working load on the absorption system.

If wastewater leaks to the ground surface (an unsanitary condition indicating serious septic failure) one may find dye in that water provided the septic system is flowing at common rates.

Dyed effluent usually appears in 20-30 minutes on a failed system but can take up to five days to show up. If at a building inspection suspect wet areas are observed I recommend a dye test even if one was not previously requested.
When wet areas are not found (or created by running water into the septic system) on the property being inspected, dye tests may still be performed to meet the requirements of some lenders.

Although this test can often find a costly failure it does not find all possible problems. So by itself, a dye test is not indicative of the complete condition of the system. On the other hand, I've found so many failed systems with this procedure that it's well worth performing.

For more on septic inspections and dye testing please see the original article source below:

Septic systems are designed to handle dangerous waste and can pose serious health hazards to homeowners and inspectors. The following are a list of precautions:
  • A professional septic tank pumping service, not an inspector, should remove solid waste.
  • No one besides a licensed, equipped professional should enter a tank. Noxious fumes such as methane can cause rapid asphyxiation and death.
  • If a septic tank shows signs of weakness, tread with caution! Collapse can be fatal. Beware of tanks with rusting metal, homemade lids, or anything else that appears unstable.
In summary, septic system inspections should be performed on an annual basis to ensure proper function. The septic tank is the most expensive household fixture and its lifespan will be shortened significantly if it is not maintained.

The next time you encounter a problematic septic system and want to know what is wrong with your tank or leach fields, give Team Sewer and Water a call at 203-808-2694 or visit our blog. Team provides written quotes and all their septic inspection technicians are state licensed and insured for your safety.

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